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Thank you for your interest in getting involved with Props (properties) at Capital City Productions. Below are some frequently asked questions that may assist you in your decision:

What are Props?
Items that are used by the actors, typically carried on or off stage, are considered props.  Props are also sometimes used as “set decorations” because they are handled by the actors while on-stage.  They differ from “set decorations” in that they aren’t just used to create the set but are used by the actors. 

What will I be doing?
Once a props list has been created from the script and the “era” or “genre” has been approved by the Director, the Prop Mistress and assistants begin the task of locating or creating each prop needed for the show.  These are then “staged” at the theater in preparation for Tech Rehearsal.

How much time must I devote?
Shopping or creating props is different for each show.  Once the props are obtained they are delivered to the theater and set up back-stage.  Once Tech Rehearsal begins (the week before the show opens) we can then determine if we must be backstage for each performance to “hand out” props, or, if the actors can simply select their own props from the prop table.  Each show has different requirements.  Shows usually run from Wednesday or Thursday through Sunday for two consecutive weekends.  Usually only one prop person is needed for each performance so you shouldn’t have to be there for all performances.

Where do we find props?
We have a warehouse with a huge selection of props.  In addition, we often “create” them ourselves, borrow them, buy them from thrift shops, or in rare occasions, must rent them from other theaters or professional prop companies.  It’s kind of like a treasure hunt and each show adds to our store of props at the warehouse for future shows.

Why should I volunteer?
Basically…it’s FUN!  It’s not just the actors in each show that feel the rewards of CCP. Working with props introduces you to some of the most talented and creative people in our community.  I promise you that you will leave each show with a glow.  Hugs and “thank you's” are given often and by each member of the cast and crew.  Being involved with CCP is super rewarding and if you choose to work with props you will be welcomed with open arms.
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