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Thank you for your interest in getting involved with Lighting. Below are some frequently asked questions that may assist you in your decision.

What will I be doing?

Depending on the show, lights can require the control of stage lighting and automated lighting effects. In addition a show may require the use of one or more follow-spots.

Do I have to know the equipment before I volunteer?

No! We will be happy to train you on the equipment that you will be using. Plus, if you are new, you will be paired with a seasoned lighting technician who can assist you during the show.

How much of a time commitment is there?

We start tech week the Sunday before the show opens. That Sunday is a long day usually starting around 12:30 pm and ending around 10:30 pm. Plus we provide dinner! Yum!

Tech continues that Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night before we open the show on Thursday. Those evenings generally start around 6:00 and end around 10:30 but can possibly go later if we need to.

Then, of course, we will need you for the run of the show. On show nights you will need to be at the theater by 5:30 pm to check to make sure all the equipment is in working order before the doors open at 6:00 pm. On the Sunday matinee, you will need to be at the theater by 11:30 am since the doors open at 12:00 pm.

More questions?

Simply fill-out the form below and we will get back with you shortly! Thanks again for your interest in being a part of the lighting crew. We know the Light crew is the best tech crew in the theatre!

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