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​​For those of you who don't know, this company has been a huge part of my life pretty much since I came to the Jefferson City area in 2008. From usher to actor to technician, I've been so fortunate to collaborate and put on fantastic theater with some of the most talented people in Mid-Missouri that I call my family. You regulars may remember me donning a donkey head piece in Man of La Mancha, rocking out in a chair in Spring Awakening, or revolutionizing in Les Miserables among many, many other things

The last three years have called me to Springfield for college and somewhat limited my time with CCP except for during breaks and the occaisional weekend back. When Nate approached me about writing a few short essays, articles, stories and the like to be put in the programs for the new Capital City Productions, I was beyond thrilled. This gave me the chance to not only keep contributing and connecting with my community despite the distance, but also to work with my other passion: journalism, or more specifically, writing.

All of you reading this are in for a real treat. I've worked with so many of the actors and technicians getting ready to put on a show for you, and all of them have unique gifts that will bring the haunting story of Ghost to life. A special shout out to Sarah Dent, who I actually met years before my involvement with CCP at a theater camp. I remember even back then loving those golden pipes of hers singing Annie and Rent songs, and she's only gotten better since then.

So sit back, enjoy the show and know I'm there in "spirit". (Get it?)


​Screen to Stage - A look at some current Broadway musicals adapted from film

While most shows running on Broadway aren't available to Missouri audiences yet, here are a couple other shows with a basis in cinema.

An American in Paris:
Premiered on Broadway: 2015
Composer(s): George and Ira Gershwin (music and lyrics)
Movie it's based on: An American in Paris (1951), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Story: Set to the iconic Gershwin music and captivating ballet, this post World War II story follows an American soldier a Parisian finding each other and beginning anew.
Fun fact: Had its pre-Broadway trial run in none other than the city of Paris itself.

Kinky Boots
Premiered on Broadway: 2013
Composer(s): Cyndi Lauper (music and lyrics)
Movie it's based on: Kinky Boots (2005), (BBC films)
Story: With the help of a drag queen named Lola, Charlie sets out to save the family shoe business by making a line of women's shoes for men.
Fun fact: Actress Annaleigh Ashford who starred in the original Broadway cast will be in the upcoming Fox made-for-TV remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Columbia.

School of Rock
Premiered on Broadway: 2015
Composer(s): Andrew Lloyd Webber (music), Glenn Slater (lyrics)
Movie it's based on: School of Rock (2003), Paramount Pictures
Story: Out of work rocker Dewey takes on a job as a substitute teacher, and forms a rock band out of uptight private school children, giving them (and himself) a new way of expressing and celebrating who  they are.
Fun fact: As of this year, Webber has three musicals running on the Great White Way: The Phantom of the Opera, School of Rock, and the revival of Cats.

Premiered on Broadway: 2016
Composer(s): Sara Barailles (Music/lyrics)
Movie it's based on: Waitress (2007), Fox Searchlight Productions
Story: Set in the South, Tony winner Jessie Mueller plays Jenna, a waitress known for her delicious pies. Pregnant and stuck in an unhappy marriage, she looks to turn her life around by entering a pie baking competition.
Fun Fact: Waitress is the first Broadway musical with an all female creative team.

Leave Them Wanting More

Liked what you saw at this production of Ghost? Well, of course you can always come back to see it again but if you want to experience the magic of Ghost the Musical and the people who put it together, here are some other ways to do so:

The cast album: Listen to the Original London Cast album of Ghost: The Musical free on Spotify.

The film: The original Oscar winning film with Patrick Swayzee, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg is now streaming on Netflix.

More music from the composers: David A. Stewart and Glen Ballard, the composing team of Ghost, have a plethora of song writing credits to check out. They have collaborated for a number of prolific artists including Idina Menzel, Annie Lennox, Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks, Alannis Morisette, and Michael Jackson just to name a few!

The rest of our season: This is just the beginning! Many of the actors and technicians of CCP's Ghost will be a part of the rest of our season either onstage or off-as well as a number of other local talents.

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Capital City Productions exists to promote appreciation and enjoyment of the arts and theatre in Jefferson City, MO through live performances and educational programs.​

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