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Capital City Productions exists to promote appreciation and enjoyment of the arts and theatre in Jefferson City, MO through live performances and educational programs.‚Äč

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AUDITIONS are coming up for CCP's unique version of A Christmas Carol! This Sunday, September 17th from 1p-5p you can come have chance to be apart of this special production. For auditions we need to sing one minute to an one and half minute of a Christmas song of your choice. You will also be doing cold readings. 

The characters you can audition for are:
Scrooge (M)
Fezziwig/Ensemble (M)
Mrs. Fezziwig/Ensemble (F)
Fred/Ensemble (M)
Fred's Wife/Ensemble (F)
Bob Cratchit (M)
Mrs. Cratchit/Ensemble (F)
Tiny Tim/Child Ebenezer (M)
Martha Cratchit/ Fan (F)
Ghost of Christmas Past/Ensemble (M)
Ghost of Christmas Present/Ensemble (F)
Jacob Marley/Ensemble (M)
Young Adult Scrooge/Ensemble (M)
Belle/Ensemble (F)[Image may contain: text]

  • A Change In Me3:45
  • Prologue (The Enchantress)2:37
  • Belle5:17
  • No Matter What3:06
  • Entr'acte/Wolf Chase4:29
  • Me2:49
  • Home3:50
  • Gaston5:02
  • Entr'acte/Wolf Chase4:29
  • How Long Must This Go On?0:56
  • Be Our Guest6:55
  • If I Can't Love Her4:06
  • Something There5:27
  • Human Again4:45
  • Maison Des Lunes2:24
  • Beauty & the Beast3:34
  • The Mob Song3:02
  • The Battle2:34
  • A Change In Me3:45
  • End Duet / Transformation3:27
  • Beauty and the Beast (Reprise)0:42