Capital City Productions exists to promote appreciation and enjoyment of the arts and theatre in Jefferson City, MO through live performances and educational programs.​

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LuAnn V. Madsen

​Vice President

Board of Directors

Chair of Sponsorship Committee


Cindy Glukowsky-Gorman

Corporate Secretary 

Board of Directors

Nate Grey CCP Bio
Steven Kretzer CCP Bio

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Steven Kretzer

Board of Directors

Chair of Grants Committee

LuAnn Madsen CCP Bio
Downstage with Deb
Catherine Jones

Board of Directors

Corporate Treasurer

573-681-9612  |   1200 Linden Drive, Jefferson City, MO  65109   |

Nate Grey


Board of Directors

Chair of Production/Building Committee

Ken Thompson

Board of Directors

Corporate Vice President

Chair of Lighting Committee


2018 CCP Board of Directors

Cindy Gorman CCP Bio